20 Jahre Heiße Ecke
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The musical with cult status - nothing for weak laughing muscles The "Heiße Ecke" celebrates its anniversary - a success story

For 20 years, the Hamburg musical "Heiße Ecke" has been thrilling its audience at Schmidts Tivoli on the famous Reeperbahn. With over 5,000 performances and 2.8 million spectators, it is the most successful German-language musical theatre piece of all time. That has to be celebrated!

""Heiße Ecke" has cult status today and is as much a part of the city as the harbour, the Michel and the Alster..“ Schmidt-Theaterchef and „Heiße Ecke“-Regisseur Corny Littmann

About life in the neighbourhood and Hamburg originals

Heiße Ecke" is a fast-paced show that illuminates life around a neighbourhood snack bar on St. Pauli and has captured the hearts of the audience with its songs and characters. Every evening, nine actors and actresses slip into over 50 roles and take the audience into the colourful life of this queer district. From pimps to prostitutes to bachelorettes and bachelors from Pinneberg - all of St. Pauli meets here. The show does not mince words and shows the Hamburg actors with all their peculiarities and quirks. The honest stories and crude sayings have been delighting audiences for two decades and are the secret recipe for the musical's continuing success. By the way, the "Heiße Ecke" really existed - a legendary snack bar on the corner of the Reeperbahn and Hein-Hoyer-Straße.

A play for the community

The "Heiße Ecke" is more than just an entertaining show. The loose sayings, the dry humour and the open, tolerant neighbourhood atmosphere convey a sense of community and togetherness. Everyone can find themselves in the performers to some extent and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Hamburg musical. It is a place where everyone can be who they are, and the audience celebrates this with standing ovations and enthusiasm from the very beginning.

© Brinkhoff Moegenburg

THE CULTMUSICAL in Hamburg must be seen The secret of the musical's success

"Heiße Ecke" owes its success to a successful mixture of rousing songs, authentic characters and a pinch of local colour. The songs have real catchy potential and ensure that the melodies are hummed along after the show is over. The more than 50 Kiez characters are embodied by nine talented actors and actresses who captivate the audience with passion and enthusiasm.

The "Heiße Ecke" is not only a Hamburg original, but also offers everything for a successful evening: good humour, tears of joy and a good dose of community spirit. With its enduring success and unique blend of humour, music and local flair, the musical has captured the hearts of millions. The special atmosphere in the hall with historic furnishings of the Schmidts Tivoli and the rousing performances of the talented ensemble members make "Heiße Ecke" an unforgettable experience. Anyone who has the chance to experience the successful German musical should definitely not miss this spectacle!

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