Golf mit Hund

Golf mit Hund
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On these courses of the Golf Region Hamburg, your four-legged companion is welcome to come with you!

"No Ladies, no dogs" was the motto on many English golf courses a few decades ago. But while women (especially in Germany) have long since conquered their place in golf, the topic of "golf with dogs" is still frequently discussed. Nowadays, however, more and more golf players do not want to do without their best friend, even when travelling and playing golf. After all, this way the dog is able to get some fresh air. And hardly any four-legged friend will resist spending a few hours together with his master or mistress. This demand has already been recognized by several golf courses in the golf region of Hamburg and so more than 10 golf clubs in the golf region of Hamburg are already looking forward to welcoming golfers with dogs on the course.

Tips for golfing with a dog

Those with little experience taking their dog on a golf course should consider a few small tips, however:

  1. Even if the opinion prevails among many golfers that there are only flat courses in the north: In the golf region of Hamburg some golf courses are hilly and accordingly demanding. Owners of smaller dog breeds should therefore inquire in advance how easy the terrain is. Especially in summer, a round of golf can quickly become a strain for humans and dogs.
  2. Mutual consideration is absolutely a question of etiquette, even if most dog owners can hardly imagine that there are people who would prefer completing their round of golf without a four-legged companion. This should always be respected.
  3. Going for a round of golf doesn't mean going for a walk. Before you start your round, your dog should take care of all its small and big business once again.

Waldhaus Reinbek

In the Hotel Waldhaus Reinbek at the foot of the Sachsenwald you will be provided with excellent service, a personal atmosphere and a gourmet show kitchen.

Waldhaus Reinbek

Waldhaus Reinbek

Loddenallee 1
21465 Reinbek



Golf Club Jersbek
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(W)Hole-in-one Hamburg Golf Region

The Hamburg region is a paradise for golfers that offers the perfect combination of city excursion and active holiday. In addition to the Elbphilharmonie, harbour and club scene, the Hamburg golf region has over 68 golf courses.

Hamburg Golf Region
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At a glance Golf Courses from A to Z

Some of the most beautiful golf courses in Germany belong to the Hamburg golf region. Choose your favourite from a total of 68 facilities.

Golf Courses from A to Z
Golfball mit Hamburg-Motiv
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Golf Holiday & City Trip Golf in Hamburg City

Combine the best of city trips and golf holidays with the Golf & City Package Hamburg: Simply arrange your hotel, golf courses and other city highlights individually.

Golf in Hamburg City


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