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Celebrating Germany's unity in Hamburg

Information on the Citizens' Festival German Unity Day Celebrations on 02 and 03 October 2023 in Hamburg City Centre

Hamburg celebrates: with an international focus, with its eyes set on the future - and above all: with you! Hamburg cordially invites you to its celebrations of the German Unity Day in the heart of the city on 02 and 03 October 2023. With a colourful, sustainable programme, various vendors, music and culinary delights, there are many highlights to discover at the festival.

When? Time of the festival:

The "German Unity Day Citizen Festival" is open from 10 AM to 11 PM on 2 October and from 10 AM to 9 PM on 3 October. In addition to the presentation of the individual German federal states and constitutional bodies, there will be live music and many other artistic performances on several stages. There will also be a colourful children's area, a wide variety of information, and entertainment stands, and many different culinary delights.

What? The highlights:

In celebration of German unification, Germany's 16 federal states will present themselves, and there will be live music and art performances on several stages. There is an extra area for children with a focus on fun and games. Culinary delights include regional, typical German and international delicacies. The main themes are digitalisation, sustainability and internationality - how will Hamburg develop in the coming years?

Where? The event grounds:

The festival will take place in various locations across Hamburg's city centre, especially around the Binnenalster, City Hall and Mönckebergstraße. If you are coming from the main station, you can get information on all event areas directly at the Welcome Centre.

Übersichtskarte Tag der Deutschen Einheit Bürgerfest 2023
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Discover all vendors at a glance General map of the event area

This map shows the various event areas. Each area has its own theme with matching vendors and activities. Download it now as a PDF file.

Click here for the PDF download

Around the Inner Alster Lake: Starting at the main station, you can walk directly along Glockengießerwall towards the water (Alster Lake) and already find yourself in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Here you will not only find associations and institutions on Ballindamm, but also the "NDR"-water stage directly across from Jungfernstieg, where both Hamburg‘s digitalization trends and the Hamburg metropolitan region present themselves. The programme at Gänsemarkt is both youthful and refreshing! The ‚Young Future Lab‘ as well as the numerous Food & Drinks vendors are right next to each other. One of the two miles for children and families is also around the corner at Gustav-Mahler-Platz. The western bank of the Alster showcases sustainable businesses and developments in Hamburg. After a relaxing stroll, head back towards Rathausmarkt.

Mönckebergstraße to City Hall: If you walk directly from the Welcome Centre to Mönckebergstraße, you will find yourself on the "Ländermeile" ( "Federal States Boulevard“), where all German federal states will present themselves and their cultural specialities. There are many highlights to discover all the way to the town hall: On Gerhardt-Hauptmann-Platz, things get international: meet Hamburg’s international organizations including the port, ‚Info-Point Europe‘, and consulates from across the world. Around St. Peter's Church, children and families in particular will find activities and fun. After a short walk, aroundCity Hall, the constitutional organs will present themselves, all against the beautiful backdrop of the small Alster lake  and the Rathausmarkt (City Hall Plaza). Behind the city hall, there is a highlight for children: On ‚Blue-Light Row‘ children get the chance to sit in emergency vehicles of Hamburg’s fire brigade, police, and the Federal Armed Forces. Blue lights included!

Innovations and responsibility: Hamburg as a pioneer for the future Values of the Festival of Unity

Internationality as one of Hamburg's values and a core theme of the event
Sustainability runs through the entire organisation of the event
Hamburg is a recognised "Smart City" full of innovations

The motto "Opening Horizons" is descriptive of Hamburg’s role as a ‚gateway to the world‘ and as a leading "Smart City". Our city has always placed a large emphasis on creating ‚new horizons‘through innovation. Our united Germany makes diversity and progress possible to a special degree.

Of course, this progress always includes taking on responsibility action, which is why the city focuses above all on environmental awareness and the conservation of resources.

German Politics and Innovation you can experience firsthand All event areas and vendors

"Federal States Boulevard": A ‚Tour of Germany‘ in Hamburg

From the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the Alps, from the Rhine to the Oder: the „Ländermeile“ (Federal States Boulevard) along Mönckebergstraße shows what makes the German federal states unique – ranging from people and landscapes over cultural, scientific and political institutions to culinary and musical offerings.

Constitutional bodies: where democracy comes alive

Four of the constitutional bodies of Germany - the Bundesrat (Federal Council), the German Bundestag (National Parliament), the Federal Government and the Federal Constitutional Court – will be represented in the courtyard of the City Hall and inside the Chamber of Commerce near Rathausmarkt (City Hall Plaza) and provide information about their responsibilities and tasks.

Night of Unity: Live entertainment on 02 October until midnight

The Night of Unity on 2 October offers live entertainment, music and culture at the event locations by the Binnenalster (Inner Alster Lake) and beyond. From the city's stages,museums and churches to the café next door: Hamburg’s cultural diversity can be heard, seen and experienced until midnight.


Young Future Lab on Gänsemarkt

The ‚Young Future Lab‘ on Gänsemarkt is a future-oriented workshop, think tank and hotspot for all those shaping our world and the politics of tomorrow. It makes future issues tangible and experienceable for everyoneaged 14 and 30. Hamburg Foundation Days, the State Agency for Civic Education, Seed e.V. and many others will be taking part. In addition to talkpanels, there will also be science slams and live podcast recordings.


Hamburg sustainable: Companies and initiatives on Jungfernstieg

Along Jungfernstieg, associations and companies such as Fridays for Future and Viva Con Agua, present their sustainability projects, educate about the UN's sustainability goals, and make sustainability tangible. Inspiration is provided by the art exhibition ‚Art for Trees‘ and ‚EcoNation‘ with its interactive app for waste recycling and other topics.

Hamburg international: International Representation & Cultural Programme at Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz

Germany holds a significant role in Europe and the world. With Germany's largest seaport and around 100 consular representations, Hamburg is Germany's gateway to the world‘. At Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz, the consulates and international institutions showcase themselves through informative sessions and cultural displays, presented on stage and within designated info-booths. The port, international cultural associations, the Pact for Solidarity and the Future between Hamburg and Kyiv, the European Union, the Info-Point Europe, the English Theatre and numerous other international organisations will be there.

Digital Hamburg at Jungfernstieg: Experience progress live

Between Große Bleichen and Colonnaden, Germany's modernity is shown in exciting digital facets, including innovative solutions for future mobility. Hamburg and its digital economy present themselves with groundbreaking projects and initiatives that showcase its forward-looking ideas.

NDR Alster stage: Live entertainment directly on the water

The big stage on the Binnenalster (Inner Alster Lake) will offer live music and entertainment over two days in cooperation with the local broadcaster ‚NDR‘. The programme is still secret, but this is for sure: concert feeling is guaranteed!

Blue Light Row: Adolphsplatz and Große Johannisstraße

From Adolphsplatz to Rathausmarkt, the German Federal Armed Forces, fire brigade, police, and a range of relief/rescue organisations will gather to showcase their missions and offer insights into their operations. This area will feature live demonstrations and, perhaps the most exciting part: both children and adults will have the opportunity to explore and even sit inside many of the ‚blue light‘ emergency vehicles!

Children and family: fun and games at St. Peter's Church, Speersort and Colonnaden

The  Festival is designed with the youngest attendees in mind: the event areas at St. Peter's Church and Speersort as well as the Colonnaden invite the whole family to play, craft and learn together. In addition to a bicycle course for traffic education by the police, there will also be a bouncy castle and puppet theatre.

Hamburg Metropolitan Region: Connected Hub at Reesendamm Bridge

The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is home tofive million people in Northern Germany. At the Reesendamm Bridge between Jungfernstieg and Ballindamm, the region shows off its diversity and future plans.

Associations and institutions full of diversity on Ballindamm

At various locations between Ballindamm, Alstertor and Europapassage, the federal foundations as well as associations and institutions, including Hamburg Pride, present themselves. This is the place to be for everyone involved in civil society and in creating strong, diverse community.

Culinary delights, strolling and sights Shop, feast and discover along the tour

The Festival of Unity already has a lot to offer: Stands, entertainment and culinary delights. However, if you want to experience even more, there are still plenty of options during the tour. Restaurants, shopping arcades and sights are all within walking distance of the walking tour.


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Europa Passage

The Europa Passage is Hamburg's most impressive shopping centre with 120 shops spread over five levels.

Europa Passage
© Ralf Sürbaum

From antique to contemporary to modern. Hamburger Kunsthalle

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is one of the most important and largest art museums in Germany. Its first-class collection takes visitors through 8…

Hamburger Kunsthalle
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Museum and observation tower Mahnmal St. Nikolai

At the ruin of the former main church St. Nikolai you can immerse yourself in the history of Hamburg. During the heavy air raids on Hamburg in the…

Mahnmal St. Nikolai
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Gänsemarkt Passage

In the Gänsemarkt passage, international fashion labels as well as trendy living and design shops are located next to cafés and restaurants.

Gänsemarkt Passage
© T. Schreiber

The floating café directly downtown. Café Ponton

One of the nicest spots in Hamburg's new town: enjoy coffee, cakes and hot dishes after a long shopping trip in this beautiful café made of floating…

Café Ponton
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Stroll along the Binnenalster. Jungfernstieg

It is the heart of the city centre for many locals and tourists: the Jungfernstieg - a diverse connection between the Inner Alster and the surrounding…

© ThisIsJulia Photography

Experience the open kitchen Tarantella

A large and varied range of international food is available at Tarantella. Friends of seafood dishes enjoy coming here as do vegetarians and lovers of…

© Guido Leifhelm


At Haerlin, Christoph Rüffer serves traditional French gourmet cuisine and has already been awarded two Michelin stars for his cooking.

© Lars Meinel –


In addition to the harbour, the Alster forms the maritime face of the city of Hamburg. The Alster, divided in to Binnenalster and Außenalster by the…

© ThisIsJulia Photography

Alster Fountain

Hamburg's landmark in the middle of the Binnenalster

Alster Fountain
© Johannes Beschoner

Cafe on the Alster ALEX Hamburg Alsterpavillon

Directly on the water eating and relaxing in the Alsterpavillon.

ALEX Hamburg Alsterpavillon
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Impressive architecture. The pride of Hamburg. Hamburg Town Hall

Unusually ostentatious for Hanseatic taste: The imposing Hamburg Town Hall.

Hamburg Town Hall
© ThisIsJulia Photography

St. Petri

Hamburg's oldest existing church is located directly in the current shopping district on Mönckebergstrasse, and it is named after the apostle and…

St. Petri
© / DoubleVision

Place to dream Passage Cinema

The Passage cinema has three halls with 670 seats. The latest technology is presented in a stylish setting.

Passage Cinema
© Ulrich Perrey


The Mönckebergstraße is probably the most famous and most frequented shopping boulevard in Hamburg.


FAQs All questions and answers about the Civic Festival on 02 and 03 October 2023

For your visit to Hamburg during the first weekend of October, you will find answers to your questions regarding the celebration here.


At what times does the festival take place?

The Festival is open on the following days:

  • on 2 October 2023 from 10 AM to 11 PM and
  • on 3 October 2023 from 10 AM to 9 PM.

Is the festival free of charge?

Yes, attendance is free of charge including all stage performances

What is the best way to get to the festival?

Travelling by public transport is recommended as several streets within the city centre will be closed off and parkingwill be limited. The Festival can be easily reached via several underground and S-Bahn (metro) stations: Hauptbahnhof, Mönckebergstraße, Jungfernstieg, Rathaus, Gänsemarkt.

Why is the festival being held in Hamburg this year?

The celebrations for the German Unity Day are hosted by a different city each year - depending on which federal state takes over the presidency of the Bundesrat (Federal Council). With Hamburg’s Mayor, Peter Tschentscher, as this year's Bundesrat President, the celebrations will take place in Hamburg under the themen of "Opening Horizons". In addition to the official, protocol-based celebrations, there will be a public free street festival around the Binnenalster for all German citizens and visitors.


Are there special offers for children?

The festival has family-friendly activities at several locations:

  • Between Jungfernstieg and Gustav-Mahler-Platz in the street "Colonnaden"
  • Around St. Peter's Church (in the middle of Mönckebergstraße)
  • Behind Hamburg City Hall in the streets "Große Johannisstraße" and "Adolphsplatz" is the Blue Light Boulevard/Row with emergency vehicles from the police, fire brigade and the German armed force

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Hamburg is ideal for a city trip in autumn - the colours of the leaves glow around the Alster, the air is fresh and golden and the cultural world invites you to visit new plays and exhibitions. A walk along the harbour is especially worthwhile at sunset and the fresh wind clears the mind.

HafenCity Hamburg im herbstlichen Gewand
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Zwei Frauen beim Shopping in der Nähe vom Rathausmarkt in Hamburg
© Patrick Miller Photography

Shopping centres, department stores, shops Shopping in Hamburg

Hamburg is a paradise for shopping fans! The city centre is known to be one of the most attractive shopping streets in Germany.

Shopping in Hamburg
© Marcel Krecks

The Best Cafés Around the Alster

After sightseeing, relax in one of the beautiful cafés along Hamburg's Alster. In the centre of the Hanseatic city, the Binnenalster with the Jungfernstieg attracts you for a stroll.

The Best Cafés Around the Alster
Blick vom Stintfang auf die Hamburger Landungsbrücken
© Mediaserver Hamburg / Andreas Vallbracht

Enjoy the panoramic view The most beautiful views in Hamburg

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The most beautiful views in Hamburg

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