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Continued success with modern communication and emotions

Since 2001, the number of overnight stays in Hamburg has increased by an impressive 70 per cent. But in addition to these hard facts, emotions and values above all ​​play a very significant role in the tourism industry. Hamburg is associated with attributes such as uniqueness and authenticity, properties that are invaluable in marketing a travel destination. The goal of HHT is to increase this potential in cooperation with you and carry this through to joint marketing campaigns. So that Hamburg can differentiate itself more clearly in competition with metropolitan cities and be perceived throughout the world as a unique destination, we have comprehensively modernised the strategic direction of tourism marketing. Among other things, we will address the main tourist target groups even more precisely and implement numerous new impulses alongside those that have been tried and tested. With this Cooperation Handbook, we invite you to take advantage of the new communication strategy as a foundation for your own success and implement effective marketing strategies together with us.

Together we achieve more!

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