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Thalia Gaussstrasse

© ThisIsJulia Photography
© ThisIsJulia Photography
© ThisIsJulia Photography
© ThisIsJulia Photography
© ThisIsJulia Photography

The Gaußstraße is an annexe of the Thalia Theatre and at the same time district theatre of Hamburg Altona – open to all from Greater Hamburg, but with a strong connection to the creative melting pot Altona consisting of workers, members of the middle class and an increasingly intercultural society.

The programme at Thalia on Gaußstraße will have a particular emphasis on the multinational connection and at the same time will be a creative location for unusual and young art initiatives.

Gaußstraße is a constantly developing construction site. In the past ten years, it has changed from a factory site into a creative centre with the charm of a New York backyard. The two most important stage ensembles in Hamburg rehearse here (Thalia and Schauspielhaus). And Thalia has captured a venue here. We keep on designing: the foyer will be more open, spacious and comfortable, and invite communication even more decisively. The second venue beside the Thalia Gauß will in future be the Thalia Gauß Garage, a location with patina.

The construction work continues, and with the imminent new construction of the Hamburg Theaterakademie, Gaußstraße will develop into a campus of the performing arts.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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