All about the Alster

    The 160-hectare lake in the heart of the city is a true paradise for sailors, rowers and paddlers, but has a depth of no more than 2.50 metres.

    It was created as early as the 13th century by damming the little Alster river and its even smaller feeder rivers. Its opulent grasslands on the edge of the bank offer plenty of opportunities to be close to the water, right in the middle of the city. Just kicking back on a blanket or a deckchair, jogging "all the way round the Alster", taking a walk, playing frisbee and boules – the options are endless for you to enjoy this splendid green oasis on land. During some winters, you will even be able to make your way across the lake to the other bank without getting your feet wet. Naturally, the Alster is surrounded by cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy a meal or drink with a splendid view of the water.

    In the southern part of this area lie the Kennedy Bridge and the Lombard Bridge which separate the larger Outer Alster from the Inner Alster – the latter gives the city centre a quite romantic and maritime air. This is where the Alster steamers take off from Jungfernstieg. These steamers run regular services connecting various quays on the Outer Alster. So if you would rather not go out on the lake in a rented paddle boat, canoe or sailing dinghy: Take a touron the Alster steamer and experience the landscape as well as the silhouette of the city from the water!

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