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Souledge Bringing the funk

With numerous clubs and pubs, the Max-Brauer-Allee/Stresemannstrasse intersection is one of the hottest spots in the city.

Souledge brings the funk in this corner. On Thursdays and Saturdays the club invites you to the "Bus Stop Funk Jam" and "Electric Funk". In addition to these sessions there are also regular live guest performances by bands and solo musicians. The seventies-style venue can be hired for private parties and events.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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Highballs. And. Music. Boilerman Bar

Stirred, never shaken. The Boilerman Bar specializes in so-called Highballs. These drinks are made from a base spirit like whisky or gin and a “filler” such as ginger ale, tonic water or similar.

Boilerman Bar
© Isabel Zettwitz

Retro style bar Hörsaal

The enthusiasm of Hamburg bar operators for interiors that breathe a certain sixties and seventies spirit simply does not want to come to an end.

© ThisIsJulia Photography

Culture for everyone. FABRIK

One of the most famous cultural and communication centres in Germany is located in the building of a former machine factory.


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