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Chmabre Basse

© Pixabay / Pexels

Penthouse flair in the cellar: The Chambre Basse attracts its guests with hand-picked cocktails, modern design and exciting insights into the history of human rights.

Good drinks and an unmistakable concept characterize the Cocktailbar Chambre Basse on the Schulterblatt. Bar visitors drink their way through the history of human and civil rights.

Cocktails in the history book

The owners of the Chambre Basse have come up with a special concept for their bar in the basement rooms of the Haus 73. The cocktails in the menu are not marked with their classic names, but with important dates in the history of human rights. By the way: Chambre Basse is French and stands for the second chamber of the parliament, which represents the people's representation elected by the citizens. In the Chambre Basse they offer History lessons of a pleasant kind.

Familiar location in a new light

The Chambre Bass premises are very familiar to those who are familiar with regional nightlife. For a long time the "Kleine Donner" was located there; a popular meeting point for all hip hop fans. Today, behind the cellar doors, a 13-metre-long bar, rustic wooden tables and white orchids await visitors to the cocktail bar in dim light.

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Hamburg CARD

Hamburg CARD

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Sternschanze & Karoviertel

The two districts around Schanzenstraße and Schulterblatt are always in motion. Here, it is colourful and lively, and it has become much fancier in the last few years. Still, the district in the borough of Altona has preserved much of its rough, leftist-alternative nonconformism.

Sternschanze & Karoviertel

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