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ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer
ASTRA Brauerei-Kneipe
© Lisa Knauer

ASTRA Brewery Pub

Hamburg's cult beer

The famous ASTRA brewery is back on the Kiez.

After 15 years, ASTRA has returned to the Kiez. Directly above the S-Bahn station Reeperbahn, the ASTRA brewery pub has opened a new mecca with space for about 200 guests. Here you can get drinks, food and lots of fresh beer. Of course, guests can also follow soccer matches here or satisfy their shopping needs in the ASTRA merch store.

New pub. New beers.

The ASTRA Brewery Pub not only serves fresh beer on tap, but also ASTRA-style tapas. What does that mean? You'll have to find out when you visit. One thing is for sure, we don't promise too much and neither does ASTRA. In addition to ASTRA snacks and ASTRA Schnack, there are also plenty of new craft beer varieties. The brewers are always offering new varieties of beer in 10 brewing kettles.

Insights into the brewery

In the location of the ASTRA brewery pub, however, you can not only spend the evening or pull an all-nighter. In a brewery seminar you can be introduced to the art of brewing by the brewmaster himself. Of course, the various types of beer are also tasted in tastings.

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Short & Sweet

  • Category brewery, pub, restaurant
  • Ambience rustic, industrial, Kiez-chic
  • Location in the middle of the Reeperbahn
  • Drinks freshly tapped Astra, craft beer, beer cocktails
  • Snack burgers, steaks, but also salads

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