Amanda 66

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Although it’s only a short distance away, but fully separated from the great commotion of the Schanzenviertel, the Amanda 66 is one of the most pleasant bars in the city.

Trendy yet relaxed. No trace of any typical night life: Most of those walking down Amanda Street after sunset, close to the Schanze, are on their way home. Although it’s only a short distance away, but fully separated from the great commotion of the Schanzenviertel, the Amanda 66 is still one of the most pleasant bars in the city.
But before fun-seekers mix with home-going professionals on the evening streets, the Amanda Bar is the attraction for all football fans. But not to worry: Vuvuzelas, football tricots and screaming fans are nowhere in sight. A large selection of the football magazine “11 Freunde” hints that this homey bar is where a pleasant, tolerant public gathers in a 70s-style interior. Games with St. Pauli, the HSV and Eintracht Frankfurt and the rest of the German Bundesliga are broadcast here. Football enthusiasts also like to meet for a beer to watch the Champions League, the UEFA Cup and international matches.
Pils-lovers can get anything they want in the stylish but relaxed ambience of the Amanda Bar. Even though the drink menu is heavy on cocktails and other high proof spirits, no one has anything against a good beer in Amanda. Veltins and Staropramen are on tap and there is a small selection of bottled beers – a nice change from the normal; after all, one usually drinks the local beers when in Hamburg. 
The Amanda Bar has many other things to recommend it: The few wines one gets here has been carefully selected. Cocktails are accompanied by small snacks, but that’s all there is to the show. Behind the bar, you won’t find anyone making a big deal about mixology; an Old Fashioned or Gin Basil Smash is prepared with a light hand and as a matter of course. The baristas are the true professionals and guests don’t need to ask highly detailed questions about their desired drinks or admire shaker acrobatics, but can enjoy the music, the urban style or their friends.

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