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Susannenstraße lies in the middle of the Schanzenviertel across from the Rota Flora.

This street is only a few hundred metres long, yet you must have a lot of time to take a closer look at all of the local shops. Some of them are very small and seem fairly innocuous. When you enter, however, you quickly realise that many businesses have moved into former homes, and you can thus make your way from one room to the next. Fortunately, if you are suddenly hit by pangs of hunger after shopping, you don’t have far to go. In the Susannenstraße, you have such a wide choice of culinary opportunities, that you’ll have a hard time deciding. From a fast portion of curry-wurst and chips two Turkish kofta, Indian curry or simply good bourgeois German cuisine, there is a wide selection of fast-food restaurants here.

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Zero Waste as far as possible: at Stückgut you can get organic products from regional suppliers - without using unnecessary packaging.

Fischmarkt Hamburg
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Sundays 7 to 9 am Fish Market

Every Sunday morning since 1703 Hamburg's most traditional market has been trading in just about anything and everything that isn't nailed down.

Fish Market
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The Mönckebergstraße is probably the most famous and most frequented shopping boulevard in Hamburg.


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