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© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel


A cute interior design store with all 'must haves' for your new home: here, today’s trend setters are buying the products of popular designers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

The lovely entrance corner of store already seduces one to take a look inside this one more interior design store in Hamburg. Depending on the season, lovely arranged plants and accessories welcome the customers to the shop.

Inside, pretty pieces instantly win the hearts of the visitors while they will catch themselves counting the cash they brought along. Luckily, some cents are always left for cute little items.

The space, carefully decorated by the owner Mareike Reimers and her team, is tempting to everyone who loves interiors and the selected items by popular design brands are once too often leading to a spending spree. Well-designed vases, inspiring notebooks and colourful ceramics are waiting to get a new home.

Who doesn’t know the creative concepts of Scandinavia, will be convinced after the first visit, that Bloomingville, Zone, Skandinavisk or Beck Söndergaard, Jukserei und Co. know their business by heart. Scandinavia is not only taking a leading role in the interior design business – they are creating lifestyle.

In Danish, LIV means living and thus forms the philosophy of the store. Living in a space means more than just staying there for an indeterminate period. With the selection of LIV, living is made more enjoyable, individual and stylish.

More than that, a good life also needs good food. That is why Mareike is also offering delicacies by the Danish gourmet label Nicolas Vahé. Even if it is hard to resist, you shouldn’t buy too much of it, because there wouldn’t be any space left for the fashionable clothing the LIV- team offers as well.

Queuing at the checkout, you will look at many happy faces that are looking forward to the unboxing at home.

Even more happy faces can now be found at the district Hoheluft, more precisely at Eppendorfer Weg 174. Here, LIV recently opened up a new store.

Have fun exploring and shopping!

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