Problems with Internet Explorer Compatibility View

Internet Explorer has a Compatibility View. This function has an effect on how some websites are displayed. If the Compatibility View for is enabled, some functions may not be displayed correctly.

To resolve the problem:

To ensure our website is displayed properly, you should remove from the list of sites with Compatibility View enabled.

Turn off Internet Explorer 8 Compatibility View


1. Open the Tools menu at the top of Internet Explorer and select Compatibility View Settings (see screenshot).
2. Check if "" is listed in Sites "added to Compatibility View". If so, select this entry and click Remove.
3. Make sure that the options "Include updated website lists from Microsoft" and "See all sites in Compatibility View" at the bottom of the window are disabled.
4. Click Close. The page displayed is now updated and displayed in normal mode.

Turn off Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View


In Internet Explorer 9, you will find the icon in the box for entering the web address nearly all the way to the right (see screenshot).
If the icon is light blue, Compatibility View is enabled. If it is grey, the Compatibility View is deactivated and the page should function properly.

The problem continues to persist

If you cannot find "" or you continue to receive a warning about the Compatibility View despite following these steps, please install a new browser. Microsoft offers the appropriate browser to download free of charge.

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