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Salon du Bloc The bouldering hangout with flair

In the Salon du bloc everything revolves around bouldering: 32 strenuous routes are waiting to be conquered in a relaxed atmosphere here.

The Salon du Bloc in Eppendorf can best be described as a playground for adults. Full of nooks and crannies and with many exciting routes and overhangs, it is possible to boulder through the room and then relax on a sofa with a coffee. The bouldering hall with its cosy atmosphere is great fun for anyone who likes to climb. In addition to the large climbing area, the Salon du Bloc also has a sauna for everyone who hasn’t worked up enough of a sweat on the rocks.

For beginners and experienced climbers This sport is both for beginners as well as experienced climbers: In bouldering, you only have to conquer specified climbing routes at a height of only 3-4 metres above the ground. You move completely unsecured on the walls, although you can jump to the ground at any time. If you fall or jump, the mats easily intercept you.

Different levels of difficulty The routes in the "Salon Bu bloc" have various levels of difficulty, so that even absolute beginners can achieve quick successes. And if you don’t want to start on a wall completely unprepared, you can attend the beginners’ courses every Sunday.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

Here, one can find magnificent old building façades, local and exquisite restaurants as well as fancy boutiques and owner-operated shops. While Eppendorf is rather fancy, one can feel the hanseatic serenity in Eimsbüttel. Both districts offer much green and water and are hence with good reason very popular neighbourhoods in Hamburg.

Eimsbüttel & Eppendorf

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Hygiene information

Please note the following information and hygiene rules.



Reservation / online ticket required


Credit card payment possible
Debit card payment possible
Contactless payment possible

Visitor limiations

20 in the boulder area, 1 in the basement, 1 in the shop. On our website you can see live the utilization of our hall.

Mask requirements

Mouth and nose protection required
In the entrance and exit area, not obligated in sport itself

Hygiene measures

When entering the facility, please disinfect your hands with the disinfectant provided. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after climbing. Please keep a distance of 2,5m to visitors and employees who are not from your household. Please pay attention to the floor markings in front of the hall and in the entrance area, which should help you to keep your distance and direct the stream of visitors. Enter the toilets with street shoes, NOT with climbing shoes or socks!

More information

Visits by spectators are prohibited for the time being. This also includes parents or supervisors of children under 14. Persons in this category must pay admission.

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