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Open Air Cinemas in Hamburg Summer time is Open Air time

© Stefan Bökels
© Stefan Bökels
© Stefan Bökels

Summertime is open-air cinema time! Why bother with dark cinemas when the evenings have finally become so wonderful and mild? Pack a blanket, bring food and drink and get outside. Hamburg is offering plenty of open-air cinema events every summer!

Hamburg's open air cinema programme short political films to current blockbusters, providing everyone with the right film for a summer's evening. The organisers usually have a differing selection of drinks and snacks available. Part of the area in front of the screen has chairs. Most of the organisers, however, expressly allow bringing your own seating and refreshments for a special film evening. In most cases, films start between 9 and 9.30pm, and films are even frequently shown during light rain or low temperatures. If you are on holiday in the summer months, you should definitely plan an evening at an open air cinema in Hamburg.

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Cinemas in Hamburg hide in places you wouldn't expect - so does the Filmraum. There visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment and artistic exchange in a cosy atmosphere.

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Films in original version Savoy Filmtheater

The traditional Savoy film theatre primarily shows original-language films as well as highlights from the English theatre scene.

Savoy Filmtheater
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Abaton Kino

Art house cinema was born in the Abaton cult cinema in Hamburg’s Grindel district.

Abaton Kino

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