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Drive-in cinema Heiligengeistfeld Retro film experience

Autokino Bewegte Zeiten
© / Thomas Panzau
Autokino Bewegte Zeiten
© / Thomas Panzau
Autokino Bewegte Zeiten
© / Thomas Panzau
Autokino Bewegte Zeiten
© / Thomas Panzau

Some don't even know them anymore, for others they are the epitome of free youth and provide many a flashback moment. We are talking about drive-in cinemas. 17 years after the last drive-in cinema in Hamburg closed, this type of joint film evening is experiencing a revival.

Fancy suspense, romance, action and much more? Then go to the drive-in cinema on the Heiligengeistfeld!

Up to 500 cars, where normally car-scooters drive

Those who know Hamburg know that there is always something going on at the Heiligengeistfeld. Three times a year the largest public festival in Hamburg, the Dom, is held here. The Heiligengeistfeld is then transformed into a labyrinth of food trucks, rides and gambling booths. This year, Hamburgers will have to give up their car scooter race in St. Pauli, but there is a new attraction: The Heiligengeistfeld will become a drive-in cinema. Starting in June, current films and old classics will be shown daily on two LED screens. The Heiligengeistfeld offers space for up to 500 cars for the daily entertainment dose.

Nostalgic, Retro, Modern - Extensive film selection

Everything is shown that is welcome. Four to eight screenings a day adorn the cinema programme. Brand-new movies and popular film classics balance each other out. Thanks to a special children's and family programme, even small cinema fans will get their money's worth. Tickets for the screenings can be purchased on the Zeise cinema website.

Corona rules also for drive-in cinema

However, if you feel like a nostalgic experience in a drive-in cinema, you must adhere to certain rules and regulations. A maximum of four people can be seated in each car. The generally applicable distance rule also applies in the drive-in cinema. Our tip: Make yourself comfortable in the car and let the movies cast their spell on you. By the way, the sound to the picture can be received easily and conveniently on an FM frequency via the car radio.

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Some don't even know them anymore, for others they are the epitome of free youth and first love and provide many a flashback moment. We're talking drive-in movies. At the Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld you can experience movie nights together in the car.

Drive-in cinema Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld
© 2018 Hamburg Tourismus GmbH Johanna Nickel


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