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Insel Fehmarn

Insel Fehmarn an der Ostsee
© Ostsee-Holstein-Tourismus e.V.
Insel Fehmarn an der Ostsee
© Ostsee-Holstein-Tourismus e.V.

The third largest island in Germany promises sun, beach and sea. Fehmarn Island is the right place for those who want to experience the fresh sea breeze of the Baltic Sea for a whole day. The best: The island can be reached from Hamburg in no time by train or car.

Enjoy the sun on the beach, swim in the sea or feel the wind on the surfboard, the island of Fehmarn has something for everyone. The sunny island in the Baltic Sea is a popular day trip destination and the ideal place to recharge your batteries away from the city.

Sniff island air

With its 78 kilometres of coastline, the island of Fehmarn has the right beach for everyone. The island's 20 beaches offer relaxation and adventure. Beach vacationers who want to relax on the sandy beach will find what they are looking for in the south of the island. The beaches in the east are considerably rougher. Here steep coasts draw an impressive coastal landscape. Natural beaches, dunes and inland lakes can be found in the northern part of the island.

Paradise for surfers

The island of Fehmarn has been a place to go for kite- and windsurfers for many years. The different surfing areas around the island are suitable for water sports enthusiasts of all levels. If you want to rent equipment or take a surf course, you can contact the local surf schools.

Island attractions  

However, life on the island is not only on the coast. The central district of Burg with its numerous shops, cafés and restaurants invites you to stay. Visitors to the island should not miss the typical Kröpel for coffee in the afternoon. The sweet yeast dough balls belong to the culinary specialities of the island.
Also worth seeing is the Jimi Hendrix Memorial Stone. It commemorates the Love and Peace Festival that took place on the island in 1970. In front of around 250,000 people, music legend Jimi Hendrix performed here for the last time at a festival.  
Nature lovers should visit the Wallnau Waterfowl Reserve. The sanctuary counts about 250 different bird species. Those interested can explore the area on their own via the nature trail or with a guided group.

From Hamburg to the Baltic Sea

The island of Fehmarn is connected to the mainland by the Fehmarnsund Bridge and can be reached by car or train. The travel time from Hamburg to the island is about two hours.

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