Transatlantic and World Cruises - from Hamburg across the sea

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A stopover in New York or Quebec?! Deeply relaxed around the world from Hamburg

Transatlantic journeys are still a speciality. A plane takes eight hours to cross the big pond, a ship eight days. But speed is no longer the issue. It's about time. A journey by ship is pure deceleration. Beautiful days at sea, no mobile reception, wide horizons. How great people's longing for this is evident in the fact that many world tours are often rapidly booked out.

Just you and the ocean

The journey across the Atlantic Ocean to New York takes eight days. For you this means pure relaxation. Let yourself be pampered on the ship, enjoy the time and peace you lack in everyday life. The endless sea around gives you is indescribably calming.

From Hamburg to New York - more than just a cruise or a sea voyage

It's the myth of the transatlantic. In the second half of the 19th century, many people set out to leave a Europe marked by wars and famines to build a new future in America. Historians assume that more than 5 million Germans emigrated. Those boarding a ship in Hamburg today for New York City may appreciate the journey for completely different motives than many of their ancestors. The majestic cruise ship Queen Mary 2 departs from Hamburg in a noble atmosphere.

All over the world

New York is a place of many possibilities. But likewise the onward journey. There's so much more to discover and experience - you can do this by embarking on your own world tour and exploring new countries and cities from the water.

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Shipping & Cruises

Experience the metropolis on the Elbe before or after your cruise or just watch the ships. Be there live and up close when the most amazing cruise ships arrive at Hamburg's cruise terminals.

Shipping & Cruises
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Port of Hamburg & Environs

Europe's second largest port extends from the cruise terminal to the historic Speicherstadt and the Landungsbrücken to the modern container port.

Port of Hamburg & Environs
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Whether you are longing for the harbor, the best places for ship spotters or just want to browse: With our interactive ship finder you can see what is going on in the harbor and on the Elbe. And you can do it conveniently from home with our free app.

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