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London Bridge und die Themse von oben
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Der Eiffelturm in Paris
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A round trip of the European metropolises

Hamburg is the perfect port for trips to other metropolises. Once a week, an AIDA ship departs from Hamburg for a cruise, calling at several North Sea ports with the option of excursions to the country's major cities, for example from Southampton to London, from Le Havre to Paris, from Zeebrugge to Brussels. Other providers are now also using their ships on similar routes. And the beauty of these voyages: Most of the time it goes back to Hamburg.

British charm

From Hamburg you can reach London via the waterway from the port of Southampton. An excursion from Southampton to London leads through the hilly green landscape of southern England dotted with flocks of sheep. London offers unique highlights like the world famous Tower Bridge or the unmistakable Big Ben.

Paris, je t'aime

A special highlight of a North Sea cruise is a visit to the city of love, which one rarely associates with cruises. You travel to the French metropolis from the port city Le Havre. A visit to the Louvre, a crispy croissant in a cosy street café, a view from the Eiffel Tower - and in the evening we return to the ship and on to the next harbour.

Visiting the neighbours

Very close and yet so special - cruises through the North Sea also take you to neighbouring countries. In the Netherlands, major ports such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam are waiting to be explored. From the port city of Zeebrugge in Belgium you can travel to the famous capital Brussels or to Bruges, whose medieval city centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Cruise Destinations from Hamburg

The gateway to the world - one name given to the port city of Hamburg. Our map shows you all the destinations that cruise ships leave for from Hamburg.

Cruise Destinations from Hamburg
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The whole world's port Maritime Hamburg

Desire for the water, harbour flair and large boats? Then you're in the right place so close to the Elbe. No matter whether you take off on your own or want to experience such highlights as the Harbour Birthday or Cruise Days, we tell you when and where you can enjoy Hamburg's maritime flair pure.

Maritime Hamburg


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