Nordland tours - a classic from Hamburg

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From the harbour en route to the Norwegian fjords
Every year a large number of ships set sail from Hamburg to destinations in Northern Europe. Many cruise operators take you to the fjords of Norway, via Iceland to Spitsbergen and Greenland to the Eternal Ice and on the trail of the Vikings up to the rough world of the British Isles. From Hamburg you can explore the true north in a relaxed manner.

The fjords of Norway

Norway's 2700 kilometres of rugged coastline is a very popular destination for cruises from Hamburg from mid-May to September. You will travel through picture-book landscapes with rugged coasts, kilometres of fjords, lonely sea bays and past vertical rocky gorges. One of the highlights is undoubtedly the trip into the Geirangerfjord - dark blue water, bright green cliffs and crystal clear air.

Into the eternal ice

During the arctic summer, from June to September, several cruise ships venture out from the port of Hamburg into the polar sea. Their destinations are the Spitsbergen archipelago, where more polar bears than humans live. Iceland and especially Greenland are especially popular during the midnight sun.

On the traces of the Vikings

The ship routes from the port of Hamburg lead to Iceland and Norway, where there are a multitude of destinations to discover: for example the rough Westman Islands in the south of Iceland, the Shetland Islands in the north of Scotland, the Orkney Islands at the northern tip of Scotland with their mysterious stone circles and a dramatically beautiful landscape.

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Cruise Liners & Shipping Companies

To make sure you don't miss a ship in Hamburg harbour, you'll find all the shipping companies and cruise ships.

Cruise Liners & Shipping Companies
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The Hamburg Fish Market

The fish market and its long tradition belong to Hamburg just like the harbour. Since 1703, you can find anything here you desire.

The Hamburg Fish Market
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Cruise Destinations from Hamburg

The gateway to the world - one name given to the port city of Hamburg. Our map shows you all the destinations that cruise ships leave for from Hamburg.

Cruise Destinations from Hamburg


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