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Welcome to Hamburg, the culinary pearl of the North! Here, tradition and creativity meet sustainability and regionality. Enjoy the diversity of northern German cuisine and discover the food world of tomorrow. EAT, DRINK, ENJOY - Hamburg invites you to the unique OPEN MOUTH Food Festival!

Sensual treats for foodies

Hamburg invites you to the OPEN MOUTH Food Festival, which will transform the city into a culinary paradise from 14th till 18th of September 2023. Enjoy the impressive variety of gastronomic concepts, unique locations and regional products under one roof. The festival marks the beginning of Hamburg's sustainable positioning as a food city and food region, while delighting both residents and guests of the city with a diverse programme of events.

Whether you are a passionate foodie, a newcomer to the world of culinary exploration or simply want to discover the joys of good food - the OPEN MOUTH Food Festival warmly welcomes all Hamburg residents and guests to the city.

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Food City and Region for Sustainable Tourism Development

However, the OPEN MOUTH Food Festival is far more than just a temporary event. It marks the starting signal for a long-term development: Hamburg will position itself consistently and sustainably as a food city and food region. We not only want to enchant the palates of our visitors, but also promote sustainable tourism development that strengthens local value chains and networks.

Culinary journey with real taste experiences

Look forward to a feast for the senses that will pamper your palate and make your heart beat faster. At this unique culinary event, you will discover Hamburg from its foodie side. We await you full of anticipation and enthusiasm to experience unforgettable culinary moments together and to usher in a new era of Hamburg food culture with you. Be there!

Michael Otremba, CEO of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH

"Hamburg is a city for foodies and does not need to hide behind cities like Copenhagen, Cape Town or Lima. Hamburg offers a remarkable variety of gastronomy concepts paired with unique locations. With the OPEN MOUTH Food Festival, we are setting an impulse for quality-oriented and sustainable tourism development that strengthens local value chains and networks."

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OPEN MOUTH offers multiple opportunities for participation

With each passing day, the number of participating businesses grows, and we can be proud that outstanding host:ings have joined our initiative. Among them we find enthusiastic personalities such as: Sebastian Junge (Restaurant Wolfs Junge), Julia Bode (Witwenball Küche & Wein), Niels Jacobsen (Hygge Brasserie & Bar and Hygge The Farm), Thomas Sampl (Hobenköök), Maurizio Oster (Zeik Restaurant) and Axel Ohm (ÜberQuell Brewery).

The programme will be even more diverse and exciting with the participation of renowned hotels such as the Pierdrei Hotel in Hafencity with its unique restaurant Kitchens. In addition, Katharina Wick (1001 Spices) and Malte Jahn (Fresh Herbs) will enrich the event with their innovative products and ideas.

We are pleased that renowned institutions and organisations also share our vision and support us. These include the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture, the Ministry of Economics and Innovation, Biostadt Hamburg, Greenevents Hamburg, Greentable and Slow Food Hamburg. With their support, our project will become even more important and promote positive change.

Open Mouth Festival Hamburg
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OPEN MOUTH Hamburg Food Festival statements

Thomas Sampl, Managing Director and owner of Hobenköök: "With OPEN MOUTH I associate the great opportunity to understand consumers, producers and players in gastronomy and trade as a community. And to bring them together in a new, low-threshold and eventful way. Knowledge, appreciation and togetherness are the central messages of the festival for me."

Claudia Albert, organiser of the Green Food Festival: "We want to bring city and country together again and provide a stage for people who are concerned with the sustainable as well as enjoyable future of our food."

Christin Siegemund, founder and managing director of foodlab in Hafencity: "We are delighted about this important step and the impact this festival will have. It's an event by Hamburgers for Hamburgers, decentralised in many different places, so that as many people as possible in and around Hamburg can take part without having to travel to an anchor point."

Axel Ohm, co-founder of Hamburg Beer Week: "The further development of the Brewers Cruises with participants and supporters of the OPEN MOUTH Festival offers us a unique opportunity to present the creativity and products of various regional manufactories and food lovers on the Elbe."

Julian Stock, Head of Sustainability at blood actvertising, board member of the Good Food Collective and sustainability officer of the festival: "The preconditions of the participants are different. Our aim with OPEN MOUTH is to provide approaches for everyone and to create incentives for further development for both existing best practice examples and newcomers. Our principle is "X+1". Because when everyone takes a step forward in their sustainability development, change becomes most visible. In this way, sustainability does not remain in a small bubble, but is carried throughout society.


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Dockville Festival
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