© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott
© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott
© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott
© MS ARTVILLE / Marius Kimmig
© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott
© MS ARTVILLE / Marius Kimmig
© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott
© MS ARTVILLE / Philipp Schott


Scheduled for August 2022, 19.-21.

The MS ARTVILLE does not see itself as an ordinary exhibition with white walls and finished works of art, but as an open-air gallery in the field of tension between the port industry, cultural diversity and artistic underground.

Changing international artists and art collectives from all disciplines will live and work on this interdisciplinary, artistic playground on the Reiherstieg in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. On the weekends, the projects will be inaugurated and reflected on with the visitors. Selected concerts and performances will take place to round off the artistic programme. The process of creation, which has been jointly designed with a continuous exchange between the artists, is allegorical for the MS ARTVILLE and always results in fruitful synergies. Processuality, dialogue and the continuous creation of different works of art characterize the character of the MS ARTVILLE.

The MS ARTVILLE will take place on the premises of the MS DOCKVILLE.

How do we want to live tomorrow?

The MS ARTVILLE 2019 is dedicated to this question - with works, installations and performances by more than 20 national and international artists who look to the future. Aïda Gómez transforms the grey of the city into an exciting playground full of unexpected surprises. Simon Freund takes a critical look at our - and his own - consumption and our role in capitalism. And Levalet presents exciting installations that present snapshots of life in the city and in nature. That and much more awaits you at MS ARTVILLE.

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© Lee Mass / Timo Sommer

CITY AREA PORTRAIT Wilhelmsburg & Veddel

The Elbe Island of Wilhelmsburg is embedded between the southern and northern Elbe. It impresses visitors with a mixture of industrial charm and bustling life with multicultural flair. With its historic buildings, cafés and shops, the Wilhelmsburg Reiherstieg area is especially popular. It is even called "Little Berlin" due to its transformation in recent years. And then there is the neighbouring island of Veddel, which also has much to offer.

Wilhelmsburg & Veddel

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© MS DOCKVILLE / Axel Schilling

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© SPEKTRUM / Axel Fuellgraf

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