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Konstantin Wecker - UTOPIA. Eine Konzertreise
  • Singer/Songwriter

Konstantin Wecker - UTOPIA. Eine Konzertreise
© Thomas Karsten

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a concert tour with a multimedia stage show

"Utopia. A concert tour ”is the name of the new stage production by and with Konstantin Wecker, in which Wecker will take his audience on a very personal search for Utopia, a longing journey into a domination-free world. You can hear newly composed songs (Alles Allen, Utopia) combined with (almost) forgotten but still valid titles (Revoluzzer, And that should have been all), popular alarm clock classics, as well as your own texts, poems and thoughts in dialogue with those of esteemed companions, artists, authors, philosophers and political activists.

"No, I don't stop dreaming of the rule-free world," sang Wecker in his song Den Parolen. His new program now continues this idea consistently. Utopia is a musical laudation and a passionate artistic plea for finally making the supposedly “unrealizable” possible before the realists have finally destroyed our world.

A look at German dictionaries reveals a lot about power and rule. There, the word utopia is referred to as an "unrealizable idea" or "fanciful" and the adjective utopian as "striving for the impossible". But who actually says that a utopia should be "not realizable" or "unreal". And who defined that a utopia that has already been lived in many moments is impossible?

There is no better moment for utopias than the current one: "Every moment is eternal", Konstantin Wecker sings in his song SoScheeSchoA and says about his Utopia project: "Today we have to search for, think, challenge, live and act for the utopian ! What would be the alternative given the possible annihilation of the entire planet? "

In this way, shared discoveries and experiences are needed that give courage to overcome one's own fear and impotence: “The representatives of what is feasible, necessary, of what is supposed to be realistic and only feasible have had enough time. You can only destroy it. Your show - or rather, your business - shouldn't go any further, ”says Konstantin Wecker. "It is enough!" For him it is high time for a comprehensive laudation, for an ode to all those utopians who have been denounced and persecuted for centuries, and who are mostly quite right with their criticism and their visions.

Utopia will be a very personal and political journey through time, past and future, in order to discover all of your own, foreign and collective longings, rebellions, ideas and lived moments in which a world free of domination has long since emerged and comes to life.

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