100 Jahre in 100 Bildern

Hamburg, 21. Juli 2000.
© Uwe Aufderheide

Anyone who wants to experience Helmut Schmidt in all its facets can do so in the photo exhibition "100 Years in 100 Pictures", which will be on display from 7 December 2018 to 31 March 2019 in Hamburg.

The team of the Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt Foundation has chosen a motif for each year of life, sometimes even little known or not yet shown photos. There you see Helmut Schmidt as a young Barmbek, member of the SPD, Hamburg Interior Senator, husband and father, federal finance and defense minister, chancellor, pianist, book author, TIME Editor, Elder Statesman, world traveler for international cohesion, and so on ... Both official pictures of his political career, as well as private motives are among them. State bearing moments as well as spontaneous unexpected snapshots.

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