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Ernst Deutsch Theater

Germany's largest private theatre

The Ernst Deutsch Theater is Germany's largest private spoken theatre and regularly presents plays in the field of tension between tradition and topicality.

The Ernst Deutsch Theater in Hamburg is Germany's largest private theatre. It was founded in 1951 by Friedrich Schütter and Wolfgang Borchert as "Das Junge Theater" and renamed "Ernst Deutsch Theater" in 1973 on the fourth anniversary of the death of Ernst Deutsch.

The great German actor of Jewish origin had to emigrate from Germany in 1933. After his return from the USA he had a decisive influence on the German post-war theater through his personality and outstanding acting skills.

At the traditional location of the UFA-Palast an efficient stage quickly developed. The theater hall, which was completely modernized in 2002, has 744 seats. There is also a studio stage in the foyer with 80 seats for literary and musical programmes. In 2008, an additional venue for the youth section was opened: the platform stage with 100 seats.

In a separate workshop complex next to the rehearsal stage there are the theatre's own workshops where the costumes and stage sets are produced. The Ernst Deutsch Theater employs about 120 people. More than 200,000 visitors experience 400 performances at the three venues during the season.

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