Sankt Pauli Museum
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Sankt Pauli Museum
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Sankt Pauli Museum
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Sankt Pauli Museum

Learn all about the most famous red light district in the world

The Sankt Pauli Museum illuminates the varied history of the Hamburg district and offers visitors an exciting insight into the iconic red light district.

Experience the most famous district of Hamburg in a tour through its eventful times. In the permanent exhibition, the small but charming Sankt Pauli Museum presents unique exhibits and pictures that vividly illustrate the varied development of St. Pauli from the Middle Ages to the present day.

St. Pauli is by far one of Hamburg's best-known and most versatile districts - so much in fact, that it even had its own museum. Find out why a monastery of all places is the starting point for the history of the "sinful" district, why the Herbertstrasse has visual shields and why "Nutella", when mentioned on St. Pauli, has little in common with the sweet topping.

The museum also shows frequently changing exhibitions of local artists, whose works reflect their view of St. Pauli and its inhabitants, their characteristics and history. Many concerts and other events also offer the chance to gain an insight into the multi-faceted cult district. The integrated Sankt Pauli Museum Bar is unique in the museum landscape. Before starting your tour, treat yourself to a cold drink that you are welcome to take with you through the exhibition and enjoy an entertaining time with historical exhibits, video contributions, original costumes of famous travesty artists and much more. Don't forget to take a souvenir photo of the façade of the famous Star Club, where the Beatles achieved world fame, at our photo booth. Another must see is the nostalgic jukebox, which invites you to reminisce about the oldies and hits of past times.

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CITY AREA PORTRAIT St. Pauli, the Harbour & the Reeperbahn

At Hamburg’s city coast, the Elbe and the harbour, you can just sit down and watch as ships, ferries and tugs pass by and enjoy the strong sea breeze. A few hundred meters away you can experience Hamburg’s world-famous “sinful mile” – the Reeperbahn.

St. Pauli, the Harbour & the Reeperbahn

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