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Dialoghaus Hamburg
© T. Schreiber
Dialoghaus Hamburg
© T. Schreiber

Dialoghaus Hamburg

Come with me to a world without light!

Embark on a discovery tour of your senses. With Dialogue in the Dark, Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue with Time, three exciting exhibitions await you in the heart of the Speicherstadt.

The idea is very simple: In completely darkened rooms blind exhibition guides guide you in small groups through an exhibition area of about 400 square meters. The exhibition consists of scents, wind, temperatures, sounds and textures. Equipped with canes for the blind, and guided by your guide, you will experience many things from a completely new perspective. Everyday situations become a completely new experience through the ability to see nothing. A role reversal takes place: Sighted people are freed from social routine and accustomed reception. Blind people ensure orientation and mobility and become ambassadors of a culture without images.

Do you know our exhibition DIALOG IM STILLEN?

In DIALOG IM STILLEN, deaf exhibition guides guide visitors equipped with sound insulation through soundproof and bright exhibition rooms. In different scenarios, they show you how to speak with your hands and hear with your eyes. How can you communicate without a voice? What can be conveyed through body language, facial expressions or hand signals? Gain an insight into a fascinating language culture. Experience new possibilities of communication.

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© ThisIsJulia Photography

CITY AREA PORTRAIT HafenCity & Speicherstadt

The world’s largest warehouse complex and UNSESCO World Heritage. On the other side, towards the banks of the Elbe, the modern, ever-growing architecture of the new harbour district HafenCity. Also, you can enjoy the view of the harbour from nearly everywhere.

HafenCity & Speicherstadt

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Dialog im Dunkeln
© ThisIsJulia Photography

Journey into absolute darkness Dialouge in the dark

The DIALOG IM DUNKELN (dialogue in the dark) in Hamburg is an important exhibition that captivates with its uniqueness. Visitors are led by blind people through a dark world of scents, sounds and temperatures. An exhibition on discovering the invisible. There is guaranteed nothing to see, but quite a bit to discover...

Dialouge in the dark
Dialog im Stillen
© Dialog im Dunkeln

A journey without sounds and language Dialouge in silence

In the midst of the noisy, lively hustle and bustle of the Hanseatic city, you can now let yourself be carried away into a completely noiseless world.

Dialouge in silence
Dialog mit der Zeit
© Lindlahr

Bringing aging to life Dialogue with time

The latest exhibition in the Dialoghaus focuses on the theme of ageing. Senior guides answer visitors' questions and show what old age has to offer. Age-specific restrictions can be experienced by the visitors.

Dialogue with time

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