All wrapped up - Mercado

  • vergrößern © Wim Jansen
  • vergrößern © Wim Jansen

    "Mercado"" simply means "market"", and that is exactly what the shopping centre in the Ottensen pedestrian zone is. The most striking thing about the building is the large retail space on the ground floor, where you can buy vegetables, fruit, wine, fresh poultry and lots more - just like at the traditional market, except that the Mercado is open all week including Sunday.

    Several retailers are located also here, from a bookshop to a perfumery to various clothes shops. Also on the ground floor, there are various snack stands that enjoy great popularity at lunchtimes, from Indian to Japanese and Italian. Parking is not a problem: a large adjacent car park provides the necessary accommodattion.

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    Address: Ottenser Hauptstraße 10, 22765 Hamburg


    Tel: +49 (0)40 - 39 86 84 0

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