Hamburg like a local

You want to discover Hamburg like a real local and explore remote areas of the city? Here you’ll get recommendations and real hot spots from Hamburg experts at first hand. We were on the road with real born Hamburg girls, longtime Hamburg lovers and those who want to become one of them. Be excited to check out new tips and discover the rough corners of Hamburg.  

On the Road with Sarah

» For me, there is no way to Hamburg. I’ve always been here. I’m a real born Hamburg girl. Even my parents were born in the city. «

Sarah is a woman of action, a hanseatic all-arounder. She is a fashion designer, model and mother – and she makes all of it work at the same time.  At the moment, she is opening her first store at Wohlwillstraße selling clothes of her own brand "merijula". Her sustainable lifestyle label stands for innovative fashion and good quality. 

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On the Road with Valentin

» Hamburg has this unique welcoming atmosphere – a feeling that comes up when the train is crossing the Elbe bridges, or at the green open spaces like Alsterpark or Stadtpark and when spending long warm nights at the Elbe beach. «

Valentin is 32 years old and lives at the Grindel in Hamburg. Since the beginning of the year he is working at the arguably most exciting workplace in the whole city: The Elbphilharmonie. With his music loving perspective he is showing us his favorite spots in Hamburg. This will be interesting since Valentin himself is quite new in Hamburg and thus has a refreshing view on the city.

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On the Road with Martin

» Hamburg is divergent: millionaires and autonomous activists, milieu and wholesale, narrow-minded moloch and multicultural metropolitan city. «

As managing director of Hamburg’s trend bar Golem, located directly at the harbor, Martin knows the nightlife of the city by heart. But it’s not only the night that ties him to this place; also at daytime Martin feels at home in the Hanse city. Here, you’ll learn more about Martin’s personal way of living in Hamburg.

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On the Road with Jan

» Hamburg is the sum of its individual parts, that makes a fantastic and diverse overall picture. «

Jan is always on the move – also today he is taking us on a discovery tour through his city. As self-proclaimed city expert, he has long recognized how much Hamburg offers every single day. For him, every day feels like a journey through his favorite hometown. 


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On the Road with Tania

» Hamburg is like Berlin – only way better. «

When Tania is out and about in Hamburg she is all over the place: every week she drives to Eppendorf to visit the Isemarkt and to the Millerntor stadium at the heart of the city or she simply hides away in Entenwerder to enjoy her summer evenings.  

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On the Road with Antje

» In Hamburg so many different people are coming together that you don’t even get to know the original Hamburg people. Here, everyone immediately feels like a local. «

When musician Antje Schomaker is walking through her favorite parts of Hamburg, she never forgets the rest of the city. In a long talk she tells us about her other highlights in the city.

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