"Altes Land" - The old land near Hamburg

Explore one of the largest fruit growing areas in Europe

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Nordic fruit yards, rose-coloured oceans of flowers and a fresh breeze of the Elbe river - the "Altes Land" (lit. old land) offers one of the most beautiful destinations far away from the big and noisy city of Hamburg. As one of the largest fruit growing areas in Northern Europe, it is not only a resort for the soul, but there is also much to discover. The Alte Land is part of the Elbemarsch and is located in the southwest of Hamburg. It is surrounded by water arms and gentle meadows. It is particularly beautiful in spring at the time of the apple blossom or during the cherry season in July when the sweet red fruits can be picked directly from the trees.

Cycling though fruit paradise

The area is an Eldorado for active vacationers, especially for cyclists. On a bicycle tour to Altes Land you can explore 100 kilometres of main and tributary dikes of the fruit paradise and enjoy the wonderful nature. The charming small villages enchant visitors with their old half-timbered houses and pretty gardens. Cosy cafés invite you to a relaxing break including a piece of cherry cake. Local products are offered in the farm shops. 

For families with children, the Elbe Cycle Bus is a comfortable way to discover the Alte Land. It runs along the Elbe and connects Horneburg and Balje. Intermediate stretches can be bridged quite simply with the RadBus, if the small discoverers are too tired from pedaling. 



More activities at Altes Land

The endless landscape of the Altes Land is also beautiful for hiking and walking. A special experience are walks along the orchards, which offer visitors wonderful views and many great motifs for photos. The kilometre-long dikes invite you to extensive hikes and the huge ships can be admired from the banks of the Elbe. The idyllic villages are ideal for strolling and relaxing. Those who like it cosy can take a tour with the carriage or the covered wagon. "Boßeln" is the local sport in the region and offers an entertaining alternative. Two teams roll a ball over the way; whoever reaches the finish line with the fewest throws wins. Altes Land near Hamburg -  fascinating for young and old!

© Tourismusverein Altes Land e.V.

© Tourismusverein Altes Land e.V.

Altländer Apfeltage | September bis November 2018

The apples from the Alte Land are known beyond the country's borders! Therefore, they deserve a very special celebration: the Altländer Apple Days. During the apple harvest time there are many great events in the area. And you can always replenish your apple supply at the same time!

Events at Altes Land

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Altländer Blütenfest | May 2019

For almost forty years the flower queen has traditionally been crowned on the first weekend of May in the Altes Land! It represents the old land and the fertility of this unique place. The Queen of Flowers is celebrated for two days with a festival mile, parade, concert and fireworks. 

© Tourismusverein Altes Land e.V.

Altländer Kirschenwoche | 29 June to 8 July 2018

The Altländer Cherry Week always takes place in the first week of July - when it's just about time to pick the sweet fruits from the trees. During that week in summer there are guided tours, concerts, farm festivals and the Altlaender Cherry Market in Jork.

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