Rainy Hamburg

What to do on rainy days?

The weather in Hamburg is much better than its reputation, but there are still plenty of rainy days. Next time you are visiting Hamburg and dark rain clouds are piling up in the sky, you can look forward to lots of exciting and relaxing activities that are especially nice on rainy days.

Ideas for rainy days

Three days of rain on your trip to Hamburg? No Problem at all - even with bad weather the hanseatic city has a lot to offer! To discover the city centre without getting wet feet and yet not to miss anything, we recommend a round trip with the Red Double Deckers. On the probably most independent city tour in Hamburg, you can get in and out at 28 stations: from HafenCity to Altona at many Hanseatic highlights, such as the Speicherstadt, Elbphilharmonie, Landungsbrücken or Fischmarkt. Afterwards you can have a coffee or a hot chocolate in one of the numerous cozy cafés. A visit to Hamburg's most beautiful spas is also a perfect alternative for long grey rainy days. Or just visit one of the many indoor flea markets of Hamburg, for example at the Fabrik in Altona or the one at Kölibri in St. Pauli. And if you want to experience something quite extraordinary on rainy days and at the same time sharpen your senses, visit the dark exhibition Dialog im Dunkeln or one of Hamburg's tricky escape rooms. We show you how to enjoy a rainy day in Hamburg to the fullest!

Our 5 tips for rainy days

Hidden Games - The Live Escape Game with maritime flair at the RICKMER RICKMERS!

Spend a visit to the Deichtorhallen - a classic spot for rainy weather!

Let your mind wander in the relaxed atmosphere of the Bartholomäus-Therme.

Escape the rain - go visit one of Hamburg's many musicals and shows.

Look out for the coziest café in Hamburg.

Dry hot spots for rainy days

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