• Orpheus - ©Armin Smailovic vergrößern © Armin Smailovic

When Eurydice dies, the musician Orpheus is left with nothing. She is not ready to accept death: instead of burying her lover, she sets out to retrieve her from the realm of the dead. But Eurydice has its own way to go. This is the starting point of a journey for which Anna Bauer and Johannes Hofmann (including music for "Don Giovanni's Last Party") have composed a road trip to Hades.

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  • Wed, 20.02.2019 , 20:00 h
  • Thu, 07.03.2019 , 20:00 h
  • Thu, 21.03.2019 , 20:00 h
  • Fri, 26.04.2019 , 20:00 h

Thalia Theater

Address : Alstertor 1, 20095 Hamburg

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