Orphée et Eurydice

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Eurydice is dead, a fact that man and artist Orpheus may not accept. He challenges her. In fact, the beauty of art and its border-breaking power beat the death and the guards of the dead - it seems that this is necessary - the weapons out of hand. Eurydice is allowed to come back to life. But what was in the myth nor the yearning, but deadly gaze of Orpheus back to his lover behind him, is suspected Gluck, Orpheus do not look at her because he no longer loves her. The proof he has to face that it is not like that kills her a second time. But that too is deception: Cupid, Love, has staged everything to test Orpheus, and Eurydice is alive. The gods do not trust man, as well as vice versa.

Staging, choreography, set design, costumes and light: John Neumeier
Collaboration set design: Heinrich Tröger
Choir: Eberhard Friedrich

Joffrey Ballet and Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago, September 23, 2017

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