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    The big theatres are taking a summer break but at the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel in August culture doesn’t take a break at all! Three weeks long, international artists are presenting a mixture of theatre, dance, puppet show, musical, family theatre and music.

    Former visitors of the Summer Festival at Kampnagel know that the artists won’t stick to one specific genre. Also this year they are creatively playing with the different art forms creating performances that one can barely imagine. 


    This was the festival in 2017:

    On August 9, the Michael Clark Company will open the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel with a danced homage to David Bowie. With the title ”TO A SIMPLE ROCK’N’ROLL…SONG” the British ballet-punk is performing their first world premiere of their new piece. 

    Another premiere: the Canadian musician “Socalled” (Josh Dolgin) has produced THE 2nd SEASON of his puppet musical for the Summer Festival. He will perform his show on the 10th of August with his exciting group of artists. 

    Usually at home in the field of the visual arts, the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera will perform her German premiere of her first theatre production “Endgame” in Hamburg from the 10th to 13th of August. It is a piece that most likely will lead to a lot of interesting thoughts and discussions: Bruguera is not only interfering with political power relations but also the audience is getting a special role in this piece. The visitors are not sitting on usual audience seats but are standing spread over three floors on a scaffold that is wrapped in fabric. Through head sized wholes the visitors can see the actors Brian Mendes and Jess Barbagallo and thus are becoming themselves a part of the set.

    Next to many more theater performances there will also be a diverse musical program that is starting with the album premiere of Andreas Dorau. Aside from arty stuff also informational und discursive events will take place. The Festival goes on until the 27th of August – massive amount of time for a diverse and incomparable program!


    • 8. - 27. August 2018


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