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Holy Hamburg

The Advent season is the most beautiful time of the year. Biscuits and chocolate for breakfast are totally acceptable, mulled wine lights up the hearts and minds, and a sea of light transforms monochrome landscapes into a sparkling winter wonderland. So why would anyone wish to escape to sunnier climes? In fact, it is much easier – and more heart-warming – to truly immerse yourself in the magic of the festive period. In Hamburg, the Christmas season was officially kicked off on 27 November.

Christmas time in Hamburg

Enjoy the magical Christmas season in the hanseatic city! Inbetween Elbe and Alster, Hamburgs historical churches and crowded places, there are all kinds of sights to be seen.

As temperatures are dropping and rain is turning into snow, the Hanseatic City of Hamburg is transforming into a lovely winter wonderland. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the city centre with its Christmas markets, Hamburg offers many other ways of embracing the spirit of the festive season. So why not take a stroll along the River Elbe to experience the special winter magic that awaits you there.

Christmas Characters

Which one are you? Find out and get tips for your perfect Christmas time.

A cosy, traditional, and totally Christmassy experience: this is what the festive period is all about, and it’s certainly part of the joy of any classic Christmas market. That said, such markets can be found on almost every corner. So how about crazy, slightly kitschy, and totally cool for a change?!  The Santa Pauli market in the district of St Pauli and the Winter Pride market in the district of St Georg are among those Hamburg institutions that lure visitors with their unique charm and will make even the grumpiest Christmas Scrooge happily indulge in mulled wine and gingerbread.

A time to feast and enjoy

The city centre alone hosts as many as 16 markets that offer plenty of opportunities for experiencing the Yuletide season with all your senses – and will certainly get you in the right mood for Christmas. At this time of year, Hamburg’s streets are filled with the scent of sugar-roasted almonds, mulled wine and fresh gingerbread. With their warmth and their festive illuminations, the little Christmas stalls cast away the darkness of the winter. The scents, colours and sounds to be experienced here are well known to any German and create that special atmosphere of German Christmas markets. 

Christmas Season

Here you can find all information about Christmas in Hamburg

Christmas Stories

In the Advent period, the Hanseatic city transforms itself into a fairytale wonderland: The christmas markets open their gates, and the prevailing mood is a pleasantly contemplative one in the surrounding shops, cafés, bars and restaurants. We took a look behind the scenes and met the people who have devised special highlights in the city specifically for Advent. Come with us on a brief walkabout to the places that give the city of Hamburg its festive garb!

Season's Greetings in the port of Hamburg

What a wonderful tradition in the port of Hamburg: Every year Santa himself delivers Christmas trees aboard the ships from all over the world that are anchored in Hamburg. According to the spirit of Christmas, we try to spread a bit of coziness and a sense of home to the seafarers on board. Doesn’t that literally open your heart?


Holy Hamburg 2017

Enjoy the very special atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas between the Elbe and Alster, at historical churches and dreamy canals, bustling squares and romantic spots in the Hanseatic City. You can look forward to delicacies, beautiful lights, art handicrafts, Christmas music and a sociable atmosphere. Hamburg will be celebrating Advent with many gorgeous Christmas markets for every taste and every mood – and hopefully with you!

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