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Boat hire - On the water through the city

Discovering Hamburg on the water- that is a completely new and fantastically interesting way to see the Hanseatic City. Experience the narrow waterways and admire the impressive gardens of Hamburger's city villas along the banks of the Alster - there is much that you cannot see by land! In our Online City Map you can quickly and comfortably display the location of boat and canoe rental in the Alster area.

In our online city map, you can quickly and conveniently display the boat hire location using a street search.

Bodo's Bootssteg (left bank of the Alster)
Rowing boats, paddle boats and sailing boats

Alte Rabenstrasse/ Harvestehuder Weg 1B
Tel: +49 40-44 06 54

Bootshaus Silwar
Canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and rowing boats

Eppendorfer Landstr. 148b
Tel: +49 40-47 62 07

Bootshaus Töns
Canoes, rowing boats and paddle boats

Ratsmühlendamm 2
Tel: +49 40-59 94 98

Bootsverleih Wüstenberg
Canoes, rowing boats and paddle boats

Deelbögenkamp 3
Tel: +49 40-51 77 01

Bootshaus Marienhof Dienemann (Poppenbüttel lock)
Canoes and kayaks

Marienhof 4
Tel: +49 40-606 66 77

Dornheim (Osterbek canal)
Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and paddle boats as well as Venetian gondolas

Kaemmererufer 25
Tel: +49 40-279 41 84

Goldfisch (Isebek canal)
Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and paddle boats

Isekai 1
Tel: +49 40-41 35 75 75

Stute (right bank of the Alster)
Paddle and rowing boats, canoes

Schöne Aussicht 20a
Tel: +49 40-220 00 30

Paddeleih Bootsvermietung (Dove Elbe)
Canoes, kayaks, rowing boats and paddle-wheel tour

Allermöher Deich 412
Tel: +49 40-723 44 33

Pieper (right bank of the Alster)
Paddle boats and rowing boats, sailing boats

An der Alster/ Atlanticsteg
Tel: +49 40-24 75 78

Boat hire at the Stadtparksee on the Liebesinsel
Karl-Heinz von Rohden

Canoes, paddle boats and rowing boats,

Südring 5a
Tel: +49 40-27 34 16

Seebeck (right bank of the Alster)
Sailing boats, rowing boats and paddle boats

An der Alster 67A/ Atlantic-Hotel
Tel: +49 40-24 76 52

Café Sommer-Terrassen (Goldbek Canal)

Südring 44
Tel: +49 40-270 62 74


Tatenberger Deich 120
Tel: +49 151-503 60 579
Boat sharing

Lutterothstrasse 86
Tel: +49 40 60940247

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