Gourmet cuisine in French - Seven Seas

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A visit to Seven Seas promises a gourmet journey through the seven seas, though probably on a French cruiser.

Your home port is the charming luxury hotel Süllberg in Blankenese which provides an appropriate atmosphere. A glass of champagne and the magnificent views of the Elbe complete the setting. Your own multi-course menus can be created from the truly lavish menu. Anyone familiar with the composition of Michelin-starred chef Karlheinz Hauser selects his personal "recommendation menu" with either four, five or even six courses. In this case, the journey is as follows: Led by foie gras, you are whisked away by scallops à la plancha and the subsequent Atlantic turbot with open-water arctic prawns. It's back on land with different cuts of rabbit on a bed of carrots and chanterelles, and the cheese selection and grilled vineyard peach prepare you for your journey home. Too bad, you would rather just stay.

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Address: Süllbergterrasse 12, 22587 Hamburg


Telephone +49 (0)40 - 86 62 52 14


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