Snack stand steeped in history - Oberhafen-Kantine

The Oberhafen-Kantine has a history. For 72 years, Anita Haendel cheered hungry men in the leaning house on the port with her handmade home cooking.

After her death, various owners have tried out different concepts, but none of them has had the same kind of success. Until Tim Seidel and Sebastian Libbert decided to take over the (really!) crooked brick cottage a few years ago and to revive Anita's concept. And that means that everything is homemade and freshly cooked in this snack stand - potatoes are peeled by hand, meatballs are kneaded by hand. The menu is once again based on the former recipes that made this business famous. Here the spirit of the tradition lives on.

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Address: Stockmeyerstraße 39, 20457 Hamburg


Telephone +49 (0)40 - 32 80 99 84

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