Turkish scene in St. Pauli - Mr. Kebab

© Wim Jansen

Always jam-packed with hip, young people, Mr. Kebab is now something of an institution between the Schanzenviertel and the Kiez.

The reason for this may lie in the perfect blend of Turkish snack stand and restaurant. Simple but delicious meat dishes such as doner kebab and kofta, soups, salads or appetiser plates (perfect for vegetarians!) are served in a stylish yet casual atmosphere that makes you forget any hint of snack stand. The prices are kept extremely reasonable and make Mr. Kebab a perfect starting point for young people who want to spend the evening on the Schulterblatt or the Reeperbahn.

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Address: Thadenstraße 4, 22767 Hamburg


Telephone +49 (0)40 - 84 50 51 70


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