Anatolian food from the grill - Köz Urfa

© Wim Jansen

In Köz Urfa, you get delicious food from the Anatolian region. Granted, most of the dishes on the menu are a not necessarily new, but you can hardly contest the quality of the various kebab and grilled dishes presented here.

In addition to various kebabs (meat skewers from wood-fired grill), there is a variety of baked dishes, pasta, soups and salads available. In any case, the portions are generous. If you come with at least two people and are looking for a good portion of grilled meat, you should try the Köz Urfa plate, a mixed grill with all the meat specialities of the house. This is true greatness.


Telephone +49 (0)40 - 30 03 58 26

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