Cult restaurant with hearty meals - Erikas Eck

  • Erikas Eck - Eine Institution. vergrößern © Wim Jansen
  • Erikas Eck in Hamburg vergrößern © Wim Jansen

    Erikas Eck enjoys cult status in Hamburg.

    Opened thirty years ago near the slaughterhouse, the restaurant was initially the favourite haunt of butchers who enjoyed a hearty meal here in the early morning after their shift. Students quickly came too who needed to reinvigorate themselves after partying on the Kiez. And at Erikas Eck, there are huge portions at relatively tiny prices. The primary focus of the menu is meat, such as the various schnitzels with fried potatoes or the Argentinian rump steak weighing 250 or an impressive 400 grams. The classics also include 35 varieties of sandwich, from roast beef and ground pork to prawn salad or Nutella. Erika's Eck is open a full 21 hours a day, from 5pm to 2pm. Hot meals are served throughout the night.

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    Address: Sternstraße 98, 20357 Hamburg


    Telephone +49 (0)40 - 43 35 45

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