Daniel Wischer

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One of the best-known fish bistros with the longest tradition in Hamburg. Founded 90 years ago, it promotes a down-to-earth philosophy with great cooking.

The fish restaurants owned and run by Daniel Wischer are known and loved both in and around Hamburg. Each year, about half a million guests visit them. These eateries are about good wholesome everyday food, not star gastronomy. The tables are closely packed and guests sit on leather-clad wooden benches, eating freshly prepared fish and hot potato salad. A visit to Daniel Wischer has become a ritual for many people. The dishes are simple and down to earth, but are also plentiful and good. The business idea, first formulated in 1924, still holds good today: quality inexpensive food served promptly in an appealing atmosphere.

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Address: Große Johannisstraße 3, 20457 Hamburg

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Phone: 040 - 30 23 99 90


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