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Like a Local

On the go with fashion designer Sarah

Sarah is a true doer, a Hanseatic all-round talent. She is a fashion designer, model and mama – and has no trouble juggling all of these roles. In the Wohlwillstraße, she opened her store "merijula" – a sustainable lifestyle brand for innovative fashion with value. When Sarah has some free time, she likes to start her days with a big breakfast in St. Pauli and then go through Ottensen shopping for vintage clothing . To wind down the evening, she strolls along the shore in the centrally located Elbstrand Wittenbergen nature protection area. Go along with Sarah and discover her favourite places with your own eyes!

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1.Kaffee Stark

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© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
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© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Mornings: A cortado in Kaffee Stark in St. Pauli

A short glance in her own shop is enough for today. Today, Sarah's destination in the Wohlwillstraße is not her own "merijula", but something else: the Kaffee Stark. The café is only a few meters away from her store and thus a regular stop where she can breakfast or take a coffee break.

With the warm sun on her back, she enjoys her hot beverage and scrambled eggs today sitting at the bar next to the open window. The scent of the cortado rises pleasantly to her nose and immediately relaxes her to the max. Normally, she holds team meetings once a week in the Kaffee Stark, but she has reserved today's moment strictly for herself – and the young mama more than deserves it!

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Kaffee Stark

  • Address Wohlwillstraße 18
    20359 Hamburg
  • Opening hours
    • Mon10:00 - 00:00
    • Tue10:00 - 00:00
    • Wed10:00 - 00:00
    • Thu10:00 - 00:00
    • Fri10:00 - 00:00
    • Sat10:00 - 00:00
    • Sun10:00 - 00:00

Kaffee Stark

Wohlwillstraße 18
20359 Hamburg


2.The Elbe beach

© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg
© Geheimtipp Hamburg

Evenings: Elbe sand between the toes at the Elbstrand Wittenbergen nature preserve

To completely free her head, Sarah still needs a view of the Elbe in the evening. For this, she gladly takes a short ride towards Rissen. At the Elbstrand Wittenbergen, she finds just the balance she needs for her full-time job as an entrepreneur and as a mother. Normally, she strolls on the beach with her husband, daughter and two dogs, but today she is all by herself.

With a constant view of the Wittenberg lighthouse, she takes in the last sunbeams of the day in well-needed peace and quiet, as the few remaining beach-goers are starting to pack their things and leave. When she watches the big ships from the nature preserve, listens to the gulls, and her hair tangles in the light summer breeze, Sarah knows why she could never live anywhere else than in Hamburg.

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The Elbe beach

  • Address Am Leuchtturm
    22559 Hamburg


Am Leuchtturm
22559 Hamburg


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