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The Destination Management Division

“In collaboration with many strong partners in our municipality, we aim to further increase our focus on sustainability and quality, while at the same time paying attention to the perspective of Hamburg’s residents.”

Katharina Klanck, Head of the Destination Management Division

Together with many strong partners in the city, we are working towards making the tourism sector an important and socially accepted pillar of the city’s long-term growth strategy.

As part of these efforts, we have defined several goals:

  • Improving the guest experience: increasing guest satisfaction by means of enhancing the quality of stay for guests as well as the local experience.
  • Close cooperation with the local tourism sector, with a view to achieving the above mentioned goal.
  • Retaining a high level of approval for tourism in the city through measures at the interface of residents and tourists.

In more concrete terms, this includes the following fields of action, which are largely to be implemented in close exchange with HHT's cooperation partners:

Enhancing the local experience of guests

The main aspects here relate to the guest’s desire for authenticity as well as an emotional relationship with the location and the local experience. The trend of personalising and individualising the travel experience offers great opportunities for HHT.

Developing new themes

The tourism industry is exposed to rapid change. Numerous challenges require new ways of thinking and innovative solutions. Today, the need to develop new themes is becoming ever more important.

  • Contact: Claudia Wihlfahrt, Project Manager Destination Management, Development  of New Themes

Local quality assurance

Quality aspects are becoming ever more important for a destination. In order to ensure a special experience in the locality, the focus here is on providing training for service providers, e.g. with the #wirfuerdich training programme in the field of digitisation. In addition, a number of measures will be implemented at the interface of local residents and tourists. These are aimed at retaining the generally positive attitude towards tourism in the city.

Sustainable tourism

For the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, sustainability is one of the major future issues, and this also applies to tourism. Hamburg’s concept on sustainable city tourism provides a solid basis for implementing concrete measures in the area of sustainability. As part of these efforts, it is important to consider the triple bottom line of sustainability: the environmental, the social, and the financial perspective. Moreover, sustainability is not only regarded as a process, but also as an instrument for quality assurance.

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  • Contact: Antje Forytta, Project Manager Destination Management, Sustainable Tourism

Accessible tourism

Accessibility is a fixed quality feature for any tourist destination and thus represents a competitive factor for all of Germany’s cities and federal states. Persons with disabilities are perceived by Germany’s state marketing organisations as an individual target group with special needs and are addressed on the basis of target group-specific marketing measures.

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  • Contact: Cynthia Wester, Project Manager Destination Management, Accessible Tourism


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