Accommodation in Hamburg

Accommodation growth, 2007 - 2017

Tourism in Hamburg has experienced almost entirely positive growth since the start of the musicals in the mid-1980s. Between 2007 and 2017, the number of overnight stays increased by 87%. In 2017, 6.8 million visitors spent 13.8 million nights in the 396 commercial accommodation businesses in Hamburg. The average length of stay was 2 days.

Source: Statistikamt Nord

Supply and demand in Hamburg, 2007 - 2017

Corresponding with the increasing accommodation and visitor numbers, the number of rooms available (number of beds) has increased steadily since 2007, which in turn speaks to the importance of Hamburg as an attractive location for tourism and investment. Despite the number of new businesses and beds, bed occupancy rate remained at a high level. The average bed occupancy rate was 60.4% in 2017.

Source: Statistikamt Nord

Domestic/international overnight stays, 2007 - 2017

With 13,8 million overnight stays in 2017, Hamburg Tourismus has increased the number of overnight stays for another year in a row. Between 2007and 2017, foreign demand grew by 124%, and domestic demand by 77%. Overall, around 24,9% of all overnight stays in Hamburg were generated by foreign tourists in 2017.

Source: Statistikamt Nord

Benchmark HH - Berlin - Munich, 2007 - 2017

Berlin as well as Munich also registered a positive development in their overnight-stays since 2007. With an increase of more than 87% Hamburg has achieved the strongest growth among the top German cities since 2007.

Source: National statistical offices


Statistikamt Nord


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