Hamburg Tourismus Monitoring and Consulting

The latest information, trends and developments, facts and figures as well as benchmarks and best practice for Hamburg tourism provided by Hamburg Tourismus Monitoring - a service of Hamburg Tourismus GmbH. Continuous monitoring of the market, systematic analysis and presentation of results as well as reliable success monitoring are essential as a basis for answering these questions. The monitoring is continuously being developed and provides current and detailed information about the status and development of the tourism industry in Hamburg.

  • Monitoring news in the Hamburg Tourismus report (latest info and tourism trends)
  • Tourist weather stations (attendance figures for important recreational infrastructure facilities)
  • Market reports
  • Annual special topics
  • Events such as trend workshops
  • Proprietary surveys, etc.
  • Together with our partners, we can help by providing information and recommendations to continuously improve the economic success of companies working Hamburg tourism.
  • Marketing, investment and funding decisions can be made based on fundamental data. Furthermore , we encourage networking between the various actors involved in the tourism industry.
  • Current tourism-related facts and figures
  • Closing the gaps in official tourism statistics
  • Comparability with competitors
  • Early identification of problematic developments
  • Concrete recommendations for action
  • Analysis and early warning system
  • Industry-specific reference values
  • Transparent and comprehensible information for policy-makers and the public


Aleksandra Lorkowski
Head of Monitoring & Consulting

Wexstraße 7
22355 Hamburg
Tel.: 040-300 51 105

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