The Hamburg experts introduce themselves

Hamburg Tourismus GmbH (HHT) offers unparalleled service throughout the Hanseatic city. The mission of the company is reflected in the core statement:
"Hamburg Tourismus - We bring life into the city!"

This maxim represents HHT's corporate philosophy in condensed form:

HHT promotes and strengthens the diversity, recognition and success
of Hamburg's tourism offering - nationally and internationally. In doing so, HHT also helps to improve the quality of life in the city.

The services offered by HHT
are aimed at German and international visitors as well as residents of Hamburg, and further to service providers and organisers as well as to institutions and associations in the tourism industry field.

Through its activities, HHT promotes
the economic strength of retail, restaurant and hospitality businesses, cultural and sporting facilities and numerous services for private and business tourism.

The successful marketing of Hamburg as an attractive travel destination is not possible without good cooperation with numerous partners. To achieve the targets set for Hamburg tourism marketing, it is necessary that the HHT cooperates closely in terms of an "Operation Hamburg Tourism" with the urban tourism promotion players. The individual organisations can focus on their core competencies and closely align their respective activities through regular communication circulars. HHT's most important partners include the shareholders of the company, affiliated companies, advertising associations and other partners.

To learn more about our range of services and our partners, we invite you to visit the following pages:

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