Eintritt Museum der Illusionen
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Entrance to the Museum of Illusions


  • magical world of illusions for all ages
  • rooms upside down
  • confusing mirror worlds
  • bottomless pits

Hamburg, place to experience illusions!

The Museum of Illusion in Hamburg is suitable for all generations. It’s a unique place for new experiences and fun with friends and family. Not only is it a place for children but also a place for parents, couples, students, grandmothers and grandfathers.

Enjoy our collection of holograms, look closer at every optical illusion and thoroughly observe each installation. They are a playful reminder that our assumptions about the world are often nothing but illusions. Amusing and awesome tricks will teach you about vision, perception, the human brain and make it easier to understand why we see things differently than they actually are. Make sure you try out our entertaining and educational games and puzzles. These brain bashers are definitely great fun but tend to be frustrating as well…

Come and explore the world of illusions. Experience the impossible. Don’t forget your camera! 


  • Departure and opening hours

    All year round
    Wednesday to Sunday  10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
    Closed on 01.01.2022.

  • Duration
  • Venue/Meeting point
    Lilienstraße 14-16, 20095 Hamburg

Optical illusions, upside-down rooms, holograms and much more await you in the Museum of Illusions Hamburg. Step into a fascinating world of illusions!

Are you ready for aha effects? The Museum of Illusions is an imaginative and magical place for all ages. You will quickly notice: Nothing here is as it seems. And that's exactly what the Museum of Illusions in Hamburg wants to show its visitors. Much of what you see world is not what it looks like. So, you better look twice. The exhibition rooms will show you how quickly our brains can be deceived or tricked.
Fun is guaranteed!

Rooms upside down, confusing mirror worlds and bottomless pits are just a few of the exhibition rooms that illustrate the physics of the world and its mysteries. You should definitely have your mobile phone ready at hand and charged, because here you will surely get the most volatile photos.
Unsolvable? Try yourself in the Clever Room! 

In the clever game room your brain cells are really challenged: Solve puzzles, knots and mathematical tricks that offer almost every visitor a real challenge. The Museum of Illusions Hamburg is not only a fun destination, but also a fitness centre for the brain.

Please note

  • Entry ticket with preferential admission to museum of illusions


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