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Hamburg CARD editions without public transport

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Plan your Hamburg trip with public transport options now Travel to Hamburg with the 9-Euro-Ticket

Visit the Hanseatic city of Hamburg way by bus and train in a relaxed using the 9-Euro-Ticket. During the summer months of June, July and August, you can use the national public transport network at a reduced rate - this also includes the local hvv. You can find information on how to organize your arrival here.

Do you already have a public transport ticket or plan to travel traveling without urban transportation services? If so, the Hamburg CARD Local and the Hamburg CARD Premium are the perfect addition to your city trip. Plan your personal Hamburg vacation flexibly and use the Hamburg CARD Local to save at over 150 participating partners within the city along the Elbe river.  Hamburg CARD Premium is another great option for you. This type of card includes exclusive benefits from about 230 partners. Among them are tourist attractions and top-sights as well as gastronomic and sustainable Hamburg classics.

Your questions about the 9-Euro-Ticket

What is the 9-Euro-Ticket?

The 9-Euro-Ticket offers the opportunity to use local transport throughout Germany for €9 per month in June, July and August. The ticket is valid for people aged 6 and over and can be used as often as you like in the booked month.


When will the 9-Euro-Ticket be available?

The 9-Euro-Ticket can be booked on various channels from the end of May and is valid for the booked month from the first (0:00) to the last (24:00) day of the calendar month. The 9-Euro-Ticket can be booked for the months of June, July and August.

Where is the 9-Euro-Ticket valid?

The 9-Euro-Ticket can be used nationwide on all buses, trams, underground trains, suburban trains and trains of local and regional transport. Our tip: The Hamburg CARD Local or Hamburg CARD Premium is perfect complementary to the 9-Euro-Ticket. This gives you discounts at up to 230 partners and top sights for your Hamburg holiday.


Is the 9-Euro-Ticket also valid in Hamburg?

Yes, the 9-Euro-Ticket can be used free of charge within the hvv route network. In addition to bus and rail, this also includes the public hvv harbour ferries. With the Hamburg CARD Local or Hamburg CARD Premium you also enjoy discounts at up to 230 partners and top sights.


Can children travel free of charge?

Children under 6 years of age do not need a ticket on public transport. All persons over 6 years of age need their own 9-Euro-Ticket. With the Hamburg CARD, up to 3 children up to the age of 14 travel free of charge with the single ticket.


Does the 9-Euro-Ticket include other benefits or discounts?

No, the 9-Euro-Ticket only includes travel on public transport. We recommend the Hamburg CARD Local and Hamburg CARD Premium as the perfect complement for an all-inclusive trip to Hamburg. This allows you to enjoy discounts and exclusive benefits with up to 230 partners within Hamburg.


Hamburg CARD Local – Hamburg with no frills

There are many ways to discover the Hanseatic city on your own, also without public transport: for borrow one of over 3000 StadtRAD bikes and let the Elbe wind blow around your nose. Experience this and much more with the discounts of the Hamburg CARD Local. You also get to save money on over 150 top-tourist attractions. From the classic harbour tour and musical visit to the mysterious Banksy Street Art exhibition, all-inclusive.

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Hamburg CARD Premium - Experience Hamburg without compromise

Don’t want to miss out on anything on your city trip? With the Hamburg CARD Premium you can enjoy exclusive benefits with over 230 partners. In addition to the tourist partners of the Hamburg CARD Local, you also receive benefits in the gastronomic world of Hamburg. From a free appetizer plate at dinner at the harbour edge to 2-for-1 cocktail deals in the hip district, you'll find something for every taste. In addition to gastronomic discounts, you can also save at over 30 selected sustainable businesses within Hamburg to experience Hamburg a little more consciously.

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Do you still need a public transport ticket?

Book the Hamburg CARD now! In addition to discounts at over 150 top-tourist attractions, you also get to enjoy free bus, train & harbour ferry travel in all relevant Hamburg districts (Hamburg AB area).

Always up-to-date with the app

The Hamburg CARD Local and the Hamburg CARD Premium in combination with the free app "Hamburg - Experience & Save" are the perfect Hamburg guide. Discover through the map view which sights, activities and restaurateurs are in your vicinity. Always have all the important information, such as opening hours and their exclusive discounts handy on your smartphone. Collected by our experts with attention to detail, so you can find exactly what excites you.

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