HAMILTON Premiere in Hamburg - Ein Schuss
© Johan Persson
HAMILTON in Hamburg - Die Schuyler Schwestern
© Johan Persson
HAMILTON in Hamburg - Alexander Hamilton auf der Bühne
© Johan Persson

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The Broadway hit HAMILTON live in Hamburg!

From New York to Hamburg's Reeperbahn: The Broadway hit HAMILTON - The Musical comes to the stage of Stage Operettenhaus in a German adaptation. For several years, tickets for HAMILTON have been the most coveted in New York and London. The successful musical has already received more than 50 awards. A unique and innovative show: see the success story for yourself!

HAMILTON Premiere in Hamburg - Ein Schuss
© Johan Persson

An exciting story about the founding father Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton is the namesake of the musical and plays the central role in the exciting story of his rise and fall. Hamilton is one of the founding fathers of the United States of America. Originally an immigrant from the Caribbean, he pursues his way to the top with courage, charm and ambition. He manages to rise with much intelligence to become George Washington's aide-de-camp and marry into one of the most respected families in the country.

In the War of Independence he fights against the English, who oppose the Revolution with all their might, and eventually becomes co-author of the new Constitution of the United States of America. After their Declaration of Independence, Hamilton becomes the first Secretary of the Treasury and plays a decisive role in important decisions of the young nation.

The person Alexander Hamilton stands out by a stormy temperament, which brings both in family life and in his political career not only advantages. Finally, a feud with his former friend "Aaron Burr" leads to a duel to the death, which Hamilton cannot decide in his favor. He dies. But his wife "Eliza Hamilton" carries on his legacy.

Captivating German premiere at the Stage Operettenhaus

"The musical is really rad, whacky, young, but it's different and it totally flashes you. At first, of course, you thought, 'Well, rap, huh-in a musical?' But it's really great, the artists just terrific, the voices great and the choreo insane." Olivia Jones
HAMILTON Premiere in Hamburg - Alexander Hamilton
© Morris Mac Matzen

A hit not only in the United States of America.: The premiere night in Hamburg provided the nearly 1,400 people in the audience with an exciting and energetic musical experience. The innovative production of Alexander Hamilton's unique life story swept the many prominent guests off their feet and gave the diverse cast a standing ovation. HAMILTON creator Manuel-Lin Miranda traveled especially from the USA and was enthusiastic about the German adaptation on site: "The show is an absolute must-see, because it is the first translation of Hamilton ever. In addition, the story Alexander Hamilton tells is very universal and everyone can learn something from it.". In addition to singers Alexander Klaws and Zoe Wees, the show also featured such notables as Fettes Brot, author Sophie Passmann and Kiez legend Olivia Jones. The expressive choreography and the rap lyrics and hip-hop verses wittily adapted into German were particularly convincing. "You don't have to be a history buff to think the show was great," revealed singer Alexander Klaws. Best you make your own picture and convince yourself live at the Stage Operettenhaus of the fast-paced musical.

Awarded with 11 Tony Awards

HAMILTON - The Musical has long been a celebrated success on Broadway, in Chicago and also in London, and you shouldn't miss it! The musical was awarded 11 Tony Awards in the categories "Best Musical" and was highly praised by critics.

Broadway playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda manages to cast the moving life story of founding father "Alexander Hamilton" in a high-energy live show of the highest order with modern music and captivating choreography. For this, Lin-Manuel Miranda was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Rap & R&B are skillfully fused with the melodies, thus creating the special story around Alexander Hamilton and marking a turning point in the theater scene.

The musical has had a profound impact on today's culture, politics and art and hits the zeitgeist like no other. The historic story of love, strength and friendship comes to life through a monumental stage production.

HAMILTON in Hamburg - in German

For the German-language adaptation in the musical capital Hamburg, rapper Sera Finale and musical writer Kevin Schroeder faced a great challenge. They spent more than three years working on the German translation of the musical, and the result is something to be proud of. In the words of HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda: "You haven't lived until you've heard 'Satisfied' rapped in German!". So look forward to flowing rap lyrics and emotional pop ballads in German. Get first exclusive insights in the music video of the German cast. The background to the music of HAMILTON you will learn in the next video.

The diverse cast of HAMILTON

The musical got off to a flying start with its grand premiere in October 2022. The musical will be performed at the Stage Operettenhaus on the Reeperbahn. This makes HAMILTON the Tina Turner musical in direct succession to TINA, for which the curtain fell in August.

In the leading roles of the revolutionaries and friends Alexander Hamilton and Aron Burr play the well-known musical actors Benét Monteiro (among others "Disney's THE ICE QUEEN", "MAMMA MIA!") and Gino Emnes (among others "ROCKY - The Musical", "TINA - The Musical"). In the female lead role of Hamilton's wife Eliza we see Ivy Quainoo, known as the winner of the first season of the TV show "The Voice of Germany". In general, the cast is artistically very diverse. The actors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including R&B, acting, hip-hop and classical musicals.

The complete HAMILTON Hamburg Cast

Other leading roles are played by Diluckshan Jeyaratnam (Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr alternately), Chasity Crisp (Angelica Schuyler), Charles Simmons (George Washington), Daniel Dodd-Ellis (Marquis de Lafayette / Thomas Jefferson), REDCHILD (Hercules Mulligan / James Madison), Oliver Edward (John Laurens / Philip Hamilton), Mae Ann Jorolan (Peggy Schuyler / Maria Reynolds) and Jan Kersjes (King George).

Also completing the ensemble are Alessandro Cococcia, Chiara Fuhrmann, Cletus Chan, Donielle David, Duncan W. Saul, Elder Dias, Eloy Prophitius, Flavio Marullo, Indy Luna Correa, Jazz Miller, Johnny Galeandro, Julia van Kouwen, Karina Rapley, Kyeirah D'marni, Lionel von Lawrence, Marvyn L Charles, Riccardo Haerri, Talitha Dara, Teddy Vermeer and Sian Yeo. Also starring as lead walk-ins are Myrthes Monteiro, Sasha Di Capri and Vic Anthony.

HAMILTON Hamburg Cast Präsentation Schauspieler:innen stehen in einer Reihe mit Gesicht zur Kamera
© Morris Mac Matzen
HAMILTON Hamburg Cast Präsentation Musicaldarsteller Benét Monteiro winkt in die Kamera
© Morris Mac Matzen
HAMILTON Hamburg Cast Präsentation Schauspieler:innen stehen in einer Reihe mit Gesicht zur Kamera und sich nur schemenhaft zu erkennen im Vordergrund ist Publikum
© Morris Mac Matzen
HAMILTON Hamburg Cast Präsentation zwei Darsteller:innen unterhalten sich
© Morris Mac Matzen
© Stage Entertainment

Ticket, travel package or gift certificate? You have the choice!

Experience the musical from Broadway live and exclusively in Hamburg. Just musical tickets or a short trip to the Elbe metropolis? Decide for yourself. Combine your musical visit with a short vacation including HAMILTON tickets, hotel accommodation, breakfast and Hamburg CARD.

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